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A Fun, Unique, Walk / Jog Support Community for Homeschooling Moms

Led by: Jen Henriksen

"I press on toward the goal, to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus."
Philippians 3:14

It Doesn't Matter Where You Live - This Online Support Group Will Work for You

The PERFECT Gift! - It's affordable, you can do it from home, and it LASTS ALL YEAR LONG!


Get 5 Friends to Join You..

After you register, get five (5) of your friends on board and you'll receive a FREE Landry Academy one-semester online class for one of your children! After your five (5) friends register, just email their names to

We've all said things like:

"As soon as the weather changes..."

"When I lose 20 pounds..."

"As soon as I get through this (season)..."

But many of us find ourselves frustrated and discouraged when timeframes come and go, but our lifestyle stays the same.

What's missing?

It's COMMUNITY.. with a leader!

The ability to gather with like-minded people and share our struggles, our milestones and our moments of victory, no matter how small.

THIS is that community... and more!

Through our unique membership program, homeschool moms will be equipped and encouraged to set goals, be accountable to friends, and strive to make healthy lifestyle choices at the place in life where they currently find themselves.

Not someday... How about NOW?

Join and jump in ANYTIME!


For Homeschool Moms Across the U.S.

Membership is Limited and on a First-Come, First-Served Basis

As a Member you receive:

- Twice monthly exclusive, members-only webinars
- Guest speakers and access to industry experts
- Custom member team t-shirt
- Regular accountability to help you stay on track
- Stories of encouragement & changed lives, from people just like you
- Online discussion groups
- Weight loss planning and tracking
- Monthly mini-challenges
- Build relationships and support with other homeschool moms across the U.S.
- Seasonal individual & team challenges to keep you going!
- Fun challenge rewards
- TONS of useful tips, cool resources & helpful links
- Regional get-togethers
- 5K Training motivation (participate in walking / jogging events with other members)
- Medals & BLING potential  :)

You'll even enjoy your own personal progress pages that you can build using our easy-to-use member web page that includes:

- Walk / Jog journaling
- Your photos
- Progress tracking
- Custom discussion groups
- Calorie burn tracker
- Goal & mileage tracker
- Leave personal messages on other's pages to encourage them, get ideas, and interact

And much more...

You can do this on your own in your area with our online support or with friends locally and our online support!

We're ALL about online community with homeschooling moms.

And community is where training, accountability & encouragement meet with the greatest success.

Join us for the fun!

Through twice-monthly, live, online webinars, interaction with other moms in regional groups online, online encouragement / discussion groups, personal tracking pages, special guest segments from experts in the field, and regular small and large scale challenges, members will gain the knowledge, skills, motivation and encouragement they need to reach their independent goals!

No matter WHAT your fitness level, this is the group for you.

It Doesn't Matter Where You Live - This Online Support Group Will Work for You


Join anytime!

*Twice monthly webinars - attend live or watch the recording

First Tuesday of the Month at 9:00 pm Eastern time

(you can attend live or watch recording anytime)

Third Thursday of the Month at 11:00 am Eastern time

(you can attend live or watch recording anytime)

* Assistance from our on-line tracking program so you can to develop and implementation a personal action plan to pursue your personal goals.


Here's How it Works..

- Landry Academy will provide you with your own login to access the team page, etc.
- Meet and interact with Jen Henriksen twice per month in a live one hour webinar (or watch the recordings anytime)
- You can develop your own personal progress page at your pace and with the content you choose
- Lots of fun, motivation, and encouragement
- Enjoy viewing other members' pages
- Leave personal messages on others' pages to encourage them, get ideas, and interact
- Enjoy regular sessions with experts in the fields of nutrition and fitness; both in the live webinars and special sessions
- You can participate in our ongoing discussion boards for encouragement and fellowship with other homeschooling mom members from across the U.S. and the world

The PHILIPPIANS 3:14 Team is Led by Jen Henriksen

Jen Henriksen is first and foremost a wife and homeschool mom. She lives with her family in Tampa, Florida.

She is the Director of Travel and Family Connections for Landry Academy and has extensive experience traveling stateside and serving on mission trips with her family. Jen has been married to her husband, Tom, for 24 years. She also teaches Introduction to Marine Science here at Landry Academy! Her class is a very popular one!

- They have two children: Shelby (age 16) and Sarah (age 15).

- Her hobbies include scuba diving, sailing, camping, photography

- She has an on-going love/hate relationship with fitness which is why she is PERFECT to lead this group.

Jen has a true passion for encouraging homeschool moms. Her heart's desire is for moms to feel a sense of community and encouragement, regardless of where they live or what stage of life they find themselves in at any given time. Jen has experienced multiple setbacks in life; from financial to medical and has had to scratch and claw her way back at times. She knows what discouragement feels like. She just chooses not to stay there long!

Rebounding slowly from a serious back injury in 2007, through the help of an accountability group of like-minded friends and local fitness experts, Jen learned to look at her current fitness level totally differently than she had before. She learned how to view her fitness levels differently and maintain it at a manageable level that actually worked for her!

No more expensive (& unused) gym memberships!

Starting with walking small increments a few times a week, she trained to walk a 5K. From there, the rest is history!

(Members will hear all about her journey when our program launches in January 2014!)

Jen has experience in starting, quitting, failing, finishing, and restarting programs many times and now enjoys moving, no matter WHERE in the process she finds herself.

She learned how to find encouragement right where she is.

And that's the encouragement she'd like to share with you, through the help of a support team and the resources that this community group can offer you.

Membership is for a 1 Year Period that begins the day you register

Whether you walk or jog on a regular basis, or haven't in years, this group is for you!

It Doesn't Matter Where You Live - This Online Support Group Will Work for You

1 Year Membership is $97


"Greg, ...your orientation toward training students to be researchers and critical thinkers is just what our girls needed. It has also spilled over into how they approach history and literature..."