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Want to see how our live, online classes work?  Check out some of our 30-minute webinars done by our online teachers!  Webinars are held in the same "classroom" as our online classes.

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Thursday, October 27th, 2016 @ 9 pm ET (Pre-register Here!)*
Help, My Child Is An Artist! with Tom Khazoyan
We love our creative kids, don’t we? But, you may have some trepidation at the thought of art as a vocation for your child. Should they pursue their artistic passion, be it music, dance, painting, filmmaking, or some other creative path? How can we encourage and equip our children in a creative path that releases their God-given passion and special ways of seeing the world? How can we help them navigate the challenges of the creative world with its beauty and sometimes-less-than-beautiful streams?

Professional Filmmaker & Musician (and Landry Instructor), Tom Khazoyan, will host this webinar to provide encouragement to you, the parent, and to students who feel called and gifted by God to use their creative expression as a vocation, ministry, or in some other deep way in their present and future.

We’ll look at the creative nature of God and how He equips and calls his people – some in very special ways – to reflect His glory and creativity to the world. This webinar will also help set a positive vision for how followers of Jesus can be light in the Arts. Bring your questions and we’ll discover answers together.

* Pre-registering for our is webinars is optional.

"Wow! c-sections, lungs, fetal calves, bull testicles, peeing in a cup, eating ice cream for breakfast, brains, hearts, tracheas, blood typing, hematocrit, buffy coats, glucose tolerance tests, lung functions tests, learning the ins and outs of getting through college and into med school, and lots of new friends who love anatomy and physiology! What else could a girl ask for? I have more focus and determination to get into med school now than ever before. I could have stayed for a month."

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